Some services provided by MOShOI


There are many ways to ensure that your event is outstanding, when it comes to putting together a truly memorable event. Making use of professional sound and lighting equipment is a great way to do this. By choosing MOSHOI rental for all of your sound and lighting wishes, you can rest assured that you will be pleased.

By using only quality proven, pro audio equipment, we ensure you get only the highest quality of sound possible. Our FUNKTION ONE Evolution system is controlled via XTA processors for system control & delay giving you the best sound, while we stock the LAB.GRUPPEN amplifiers again making sure the reliability is there along with a faultless sound.

Figuring out the cost of running a private party or festival? Need a price on a sound system? Great! Get in touch to see how we can help you!


Equipment Repair / Servicing

At MOSHOI Service we have a full workshop facility which allows us to offer equipment repair, servicing and testing as a service to our clients.

We undertake any level of equipment repair but we specialize in amplifiers, loudspeakers and lightning systems repairs.

We carry out routine servicing of equipment for installations and portable equipment to ensure that your system is always ready to go! Emergency services are also available for when your gear fails or you are let down. Get in touch to see how we can help!


If you want to build your own system, or want one built for you, we can help you!

With vast experience in this field, we are able to design a custom system to match the client's requirements.

We provide analysis and design solutions for room acoustics, testing, tuning and training of media systems.

Tell us what your plans are, and we will offer you guidance. We may be able to help you directly, or may refer you to other equipment suppliers or contractors whose area of expertise or equipment supply may be more appropriate to your situation.

We know a lot about adjusting to your budget: what we would get if your budget was bigger, and what we could dispense if it was smaller.


Are you looking to get rid of some of your equipment, either to finance a new purchase, or just to clean out items that are not getting used? We are always looking for quality pre-owned equipment that we can find a new home for and put to good use. We offer an attractive option, based on your individual needs and timetable.

Consignment is an attractive option when you don't need to get your money out of the gear right away, and you would rather get a better return than selling it outright. When you consign your gear to us, we agree on a value you will net out of the sale of your equipment, and when it sells you get either a check from us or another gear in exchange.

We understand the value of your equipment and make it easy for you to sell or trade.



by offering you the best repair services